Briony campbell- The dad project

Well what can i say really?

I found this project heart breaking, i could not fight the tears! I think i could relate to this project not so much of my dad but my Granddad, when i was 12/13 my granddad had a battle with cancer which he eventually lost. I think the video that i watched to do with this project bought it back. From the full of life to the slow deterioration of loosing there slow battle to cancer is just a horrible thing to watch and i cant imagine what its like to endure and hope that id never have to experience it again but i guess that is highly unlikely.

I think Briony was really brave taking on this project of capturing her dad slowly slipping away, i don’t think i could.I still have the memories of my granddad from when he was in full and i also have memories of him deteriorating and fading away my last memory of him was before he went into a hospice to die, which i hate so much and wish it could be one that i could forget! I wish id been brave enough to go see him before he died but i couldn’t bring myself to go see him at the hospice or go to his funeral for that matter. I adored my granddad dearly and i regret not having a goodbye I just hope he knew how much i loved him.

I guess I found this project very moving and has bought it all back to me about own personal experiences with cancer.

The video can be found on her website×666.jpg or here

Some photos from her website

All images are Briony campbell’s from her dad project which can be found here×666.jpg

I think this compares to the country doctor series by Eugene smith as its showing a story about health, life and illness like the country doctor but i also think its very different as the dad project is her view and story of her dad battling cancer where as the country doctor is following the life of a doctor for 14 days. Dads project is a very personal story and a very sad one too but so is the country doctor also being personal just in different ways.

In the video Briony says about an “ending without an ending” I think what she means by this n her case is that an ending has happened ( her dad passing away) but its not the end as life still does on.

Part two: Narrative- Bibliography

Photographer research: W.Eugene Smith

In 1948, W. Eugene smith made a picture essay for LIFE magazine called the country doctor. This photo essay was made up of photographs of the ups and downs of the life of general practitioner Dr. Ernest Ceriani from Colorado over 23 days.

“Born on a sheep ranch in Wyoming, Dr. Ceriani attended Chicago’s Loyola School of Medicine but opted not to pursue a medical career in the big city. In 1946, after a stint in the Navy, he was recruited by the hospital in Kremmling, and he and wife Bernetha, who was born in Colorado, settled into the rural town. Dr. Ceriani was the sole physician for an area of about 400 square miles, inhabited by some 2,000 people.

Country Doctor” was an instant classic when first published, establishing Smith as a master of the uniquely commanding young art form of the photo essay, and solidifying his stature as one of the most passionate and influential photojournalists of the 20th century. In 1979, the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund was founded to support those working in the profoundly humanistic style of photography to which Smith dedicated his life and his art.

Below are some of the images from the series country doctor.

Dr. Ernest Ceriani makes a house call on foot, Kremmling, Colo., 1948.

1948, Dr Ceriani making a house call.

Dr. Ceriani sits at bedside of a patient as he assesses flu symptoms during a house call. When Smith began "Country Doctor," he shot for a period of time with no film in his camera, to help Ceriani get used to his presence without wasting precious film.

Dr Ceriani assessing a patients symptoms, 1948

In the backseat of a car, Dr. Ceriani administers a shot of morphine to a 60-year-old tourist from Chicago, seen here with her grandson, who was suffering from a mild heart disturbance.

Dr Ceriani giving a 60 year old Chicago tourist morphine for a mild heart disturbance. 1948

Two friends transport Dr. Ceriani to Gore Canyon so he can enjoy a few hours of recreational fishing, a rare treat for the hard-working physician.

off to enjoy a few hours of recreational fishing with friends, 1948

Dr. Ceriani fly-fishes on the Colorado River.

Fishing on the Colorado river, 1948

Dr. Ceriani has stitched the girl's wound to minimize scarring, but he must now find a way to tell the parents that her eye cannot be saved and they must take her a specialist in Denver to have it removed.

Dr Ceriani stitches up a little girls wound. 1948

Dr. Ceriani gives the 85-year-old man spinal anesthesia before amputating his gangrenous left leg.

Dr Ceriani giving an 85 year old anesthesia before amputating his leg,1948

I found this series very interesting look into the life of Dr Ceriani, I think W. Eugene Smith captures and tells a captivating  story through his photographs of high points and low points of the doctors every day life well of the 23 days he was with him you also get a look in to the doctors private life and his joys of fishing. Overall i enjoyed looking at this photo story and found it quite inspiring.

Part two; Narrative- introduction

So I have finally made it on to part two, no one to blame really apart from myself so this time round im hoping to put more effort into this part as the the first assignment i lost interest and was really hard to get that back so hopefully i shall make up for that in this assignment. So in the art and photography module I covered a small section on context and narrative and from what I can recall I enjoyed it but as this part is just focusing on narrative and story telling I am not so sure how I will respond and if I will enjoy it as much but only time will tell and I will once again enter with an open mind.

Assignment one: Two sides of the story

Where to start 6 months have gone by since starting and I had reached this assignment with great enthusiasm which soon dwindled and faded right out. I became disinterested many times throughout this assignment and stupidly put it off and put it off and have got myself behind because of it. I tried a few times to spark my mojo again but unfortunately this did not work in my favor and I have hated every minute of it to be perfectly quite honest, which is odd because i enjoyed the exercises. I have also lost interest in researching and visiting which is also a bad thing even though i don’t like visiting galleries as i find it quite pointless but yeah everything has gone a bit downhill. I started this assignment with various different ideas including the ones that were suggested in the brief. One of my ideas was to be different personas of how people come across but i didn’t fancy doing that. My idea was to work with the idea of reality and not reality within social media. I found my self looking at facebook and noticing how people lead kind of 2 lives their real life and their facebook life. People seem to try to hard to please people and make such a big effort in showing that there lives are perfect in every way and try very hard in bending in the truth to make it look much better or sound much better than it actually is. Its quite sad really to what extent people will go to to make their lives look that good on social media site when really down too it no one cares! I think I had a good idea but i have had trouble executing and expressing what i want to portray in my photographs and found myself getting extremley frustrated at times and just wanting to give up, in a way I have as I have not completed a full set of images that was asked for in the brief and I feel that I have already wasted so much time that I don’t want to waste any more on working on this assignment which i know is a silly of me but id rather move on put this behind me and focus on the next part and work harder on that assignment to make up for this poor attempt.

For the first image of each set i decided to write a sentence about the picture kind of like a status update if it was being posted on facebook. I thought i would do this as on Paul Seawrights work he adds writing to set the scene so i thought id do a similar thing.

Set 1-

image 1

image 2

Set 2-

image 4

image 3

Set 3-

image 5

image 6

And that is what i have come up with. I am disappointed in myself but its just the first assignment this happened one The art of photography with assignment one must be a first assignment thing with me, as the other 4 i really enjoyed so i am hoping this will be the case now too. I think i had a good idea it just didn’t work out as i had hoped it too to be honest but i guess this has showed me that this genre of photography is not a strong point of mine, but i gave it a go and that is all i can do so on wards and upwards!

This assignment did show me though that how you can bend the truth and easily manipulate people with photography. It made me think about photojournalism and how I have always believed what the i am seeing by the photo but its made me think now differently that what i could be looking at is manipulated to make me believe something else is going on when really that is not the case, which really is bad because you would think it would be a trusted source which it can be but in the wrong hands whether it be for money gain or political point it can turn in to something quite untrustworthy.

lagging behind and feeling uninspired not a good combination

So I haven’t posted in a while as to be perfectly honest I lost my spark I started off well and had my doubts about the document as a photograph and enjoyed the exercises even the street photography exercise which I had not been looking forward to but ended up enjoying. Well the assignment has just made me loose interest and I had made a good start but that didn’t work out and have been struggling. I need to get back on track and bosh this assignment on and the out the way so I can move on to better things as I really have been putting it off which is not good at all. So last weekend I took a trip to Clevedon beach in Somerset and decided to spark some inspiration again to get me moving and get this assignment out of the way. 

I decided to do a kind of documentary/ street captures of my day and use them towards this part and with the hope it would help me ignite some passion again which it did just not for the assignment but I have had a stern word with myself and I am on the way to finishing my assignment. I know this is not going to be the best assignment I have done but I cant love everything can i?

 So the first set of images are upon arrival 

collage 1

And the second set are along the Victorian pier 

collage 2

and then onto a coastal walk

collage 3

I also tried to take photos of people such as the man walking the dog the people sat in the little hut by the pier and people on the beach and walking as I though I would try and challenge myself a little slowly getting more confident.


Assignment preparation

For the past week or so I have not really had much time to focus on much on work which has been annoying but i shall be back at it, I have had some time to make progress though on my preparation for the first assignment of this module. I did like some of the ideas that were suggested but I have an idea of my own that I am currently researching upon to hopefully move forward with and I think it could work well if i execute it right.